Diagnostic Tools

Graphs and charts

Have you ever participated on a team that clearly has the skills to accomplish the work, but just can’t seem to get out of its own way?


Are you frustrated by having the same conversations again and again, and yet the problems you are trying to address never get better?


These, and similar challenges, are often clues that the real issues are hard to see and even harder to measure.  Until now.

INTERPRO 's Diagnostic Tools make the invisible visible.  Driven by the metrics that matter to you, these tools not only help you tackle core issues, but also give you an inside look at the strengths you may be underutilizing.  This unique blend of insights propels you forward like no other – and gives you an invaluable strategic advantage.

Maintain peak organizational performance in real time.

Optimize core strengths and sustainably address difficult-to-diagnose vulnerabilities in Structure, Process, People and Culture.


Propel teams toward successful outcomes every time.


Develop concrete strategies for moving past obstacles and minimize the barriers that can derail a team's best efforts.



Drive consistent execution every day.




Focus your organization's unique decision-making patterns and turn your vision into a tangible and unifying force.

F. I. T.

(Focused Integration Tool)

Minimize inefficiencies and increase collaboration with this actionable road map for bridging cultural gaps.


Gain precise quantitative metrics for the predictors of successful cultural integration and deploy targeted strategies to address cultural misalignments.

Especially powerful for M&A transactions.