What Makes Sense For Your Organization...won't make sense anywhere else.

Our unique Diagnostic Technology is on the leading edge of a critical shift from slow-moving strategy and planning processes to comprehensive performance solutions executed in real time.


Accelerating your path to excellence starts the moment these tools give you an inside look at your organization - its strengths, its vulnerabilities and its key opportunities. With this completely scalable methodology, INTERPRO's Diagnostic Tools can quickly give you key insights on your leadership strategy, your company, your project team, or any portion of your business where you need to focus.



The uniqueness of your business is our business when it comes to custom-built solutions.  Armed with insights from our Diagnostic Tools, we help you cut through the complexities of running a business day-to-day and help you focus on the achievement of your most important goals.


From organization design, cross-functional alignment and sustainable leadership practices, to cultural integration for mergers and acquisitions, our solutions will quickly increase your organization's capabilities and make a critical difference in its ability to perform.





Leadership can be found anywhere, but it has to be nurtured.  Our one-of-a-kind Legacy of Leadership Conference pulls from the diversity of leaders nationwide and brings small groups together for unique and authentic transformation.  


Your leadership approach and your personal vision become the platform for meaningful growth in this life-changing experience, and with built-in follow-up, you continue to leverage and develop your strengths.  In addition to our quarterly conferences, Interpro offers both an internal Legacy for Teams and an annual Executive Forum reserved for senior leaders.

Industry Partners

     Our client partners include companies of all sizes in many key industries, including: 


Manufacturing, Insurance, Pharmaceutical, Information Technology, Construction, Biotech,

Consumer Products, Clinical Research, Higher Education, Transportation, and Non-Profit.