Giving Back


On April 1st, 2016, INTERPRO marked a quarter-century in business. 


There are any number of ways we could have commemorated our twenty-five years, but we at INTERPRO believe that the most powerful of these was to commemorate you - the clients, partners, advocates and friends that not only made a quarter century possible, but made it truly meaningful. In July of that year, INTERPRO began featuring a monthly quote - a statement - from one of you - about what makes a difference to you - about what is meaningful to you in life. We call it "Quotes for the Quarter," to commemorate a quarter-century, and in addition to sharing your stories, we also shared our success with the community by making a financial contribution in your name to a non-profit, charity, or cause that is close to your heart.












Making a Difference Together

There is not a lot in this life that is constant - not a lot that stands the test of time - but without a doubt, our relationship with you has, and for that, we thank you.