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Discover. Integrate. Transform.

Welcome to the Legacy of Leadership Conference – Leading With Coherence in a Changing World. When it comes to leadership, we firmly believe that it is not just’s personal.


We are not selling you a high-priced vendor booth, we are not pitching “your success guaranteed,” we will not be issuing you an over-sized lanyard with your name and title, there are no swag bags and no same-size boxed lunches. We most definitely will not have overcrowded rooms, too-loud music or too-hyped-up presenters on big-screen TVs. That’s not how we conference.

At Legacy of Leadership, we conference differently. You will find yourself among an intimate cohort of similar-minded professionals ready to confer. Ready to question.  Ready to challenge. As the process unfolds, you will lay the groundwork for your next chapter as a leader, and you will  carry your uniquely-crafted action plans forward with advocates and advisors by your side, every step of the way.


The Legacy Impact


  • Tackle your biggest challenges in a post-covid world

  • Align your organization to enhance your competitive position

  • Leverage key stakeholder interdependencies to focus your strategy

  • Focus your company culture on increasing efficiency, building resilience and encouraging innovation


  • Pinpoint the subtle influences that affect your daily decisions and refine the impact of your leadership approach

  • Establish a clear path to success by clarifying how to invest your time and energy

  • Identify and address the conditions that limit growth

  • Challenge your assumptions, remove self-imposed barriers and invest in your future

Glass Buildings

“What if a single conversation could change your life?"

Legacy of Leadership Registration

To register for the Legacy, please complete the form below, and we will be back in touch with details.

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