Introducing the Myers-Briggs Complete with App

Companies all over the globe are announcing plans to keep their employees working remotely long-term due to COVID-19. 

Some are hoping to resume in-person work in 2021, while others, such as Zillow and Twitter, have told employees they can work from home indefinitely.

With an increasing number of professionals working remotely, the traditional ways co-workers have gotten to know one another, and the informal practices that lead to increasing team productivity have changed forever.  The real question then becomes: How can managers and leaders help bring about these same results in a virtual world?


Enter the Myers-Briggs Complete with App.  The Myers-Briggs Type Indicator (MBTI) has been a mainstay for decades for teams looking for ways to work more productively together.  Now, to respond to an increasingly virtual environment, INTERPRO is offering our clients access to a whole new approach to the MBTI, including a new personalized portal for you to determine your own best-fit type, gain deeper insights into decision-making and conflict management, and even to explore your career growth. The MBTI Complete portal also gives you the ability to compare your type with other team members' preferences, and provides strategies for working seamlessly together.  Along with the brand new easy-to-use app, MBTI Complete can also be key to:


  • Quickly gaining insights about ourselves and our teams and making those insights actionable on a daily basis

  • Leveraging differences to increase creative problem-solving during everyday interactions

  • Building remote teams by easily comparing types and showing strategies for building positive relationships 

  • Increasing productivity by quickly accessing team members’ workstyle preferences

  • Quickly onboarding new team members


INTERPRO Performance Solutions has always been a certified provider of the MBTI, and now we are proud to announce the addition of the MBTI Complete with App to our suite of offerings.

For more information, email us at or call 513-477-3912 and learn more about how to take your remote teams to the next level!