Is not built on a best guess.



We  invest in this relationship as your advocate.  That means you can be sure we understand your business - where it has been - where it is going – and what is holding it back – so that together we construct tools that both support and challenge you.



While faced every day with choices, you need comprehensive custom-built tools that minimize distractions and keep you focused on tackling the opportunities and problems that have real impact on your business.




When one part of your organization moves, the rest moves with it in unique ways.  Our first job is to help you recognize these signature moves and then to develop the tools that harness the energy of your future vision in real time.

Don’t settle for moving your vision forward every year. Move it every day.

How do we know at any given moment if our organization is performing at peak?  If it is maximizing its potential?   Steadily moving toward its vision? Financials, KPI's and strategic plans are a good start, but we know this is not the whole story...


Are internal relationships moving  -

from competition to collaboration?


Is information flow progressing  -

from review to results?    


Is culture maturing  -

from argument to alignment?


Without the right tools, we will never know for certain whether we are moving in the right direction on a daily basis or moving somewhere else.  With the right tools, we can be confident we are moving forward and investing in our vision.

"INTERPRO helped us quickly uncover the fundamental strengths as well as the vulnerabilities of our unique organization and provided precise mechanisms for improved outcomes and sustainable progress.


These targeted solutions allowed us to not only increase efficiency but instilled a culture of customer service throughout the enterprise."

- Russell Doughty

Executive Director QA

Acorda Therapeutics